Ups and Downs and the Dawn Wall

Rejection is a part of a writer’s life. They never feel good, though. Sometimes they really hurt.

And if you put your work out enough, you will get rejections regularly, so often that you will get them while on vacation.

On a recent trip to Yosemite, I got three rejections. But I didn’t care. Look at that. How could I? I had no breath left for crying. Nature remains the best editor.

Poetry In Bloom

I love a creative call for poems. SWWIM is a journal that often has unusual calls, such as their Kate Spade contest which asked for poems about purses. (And I had one to enter!). So when SWWIM sent out a call for poems about flowers, I couldn’t wait to get to work.

And miracles, SWWIM took my strange little sunflower poems. I’m thrilled!

More on Poetry in Bloom from SWWIM:

Throughout the month of April 2021, the poems in this gallery will be folded into origami pinwheels and added to floral bouquets delivered across the greater Miami area, courtesy of Dolly’s Florist.

Check out the poem’s here:

What’s up

Got a lot of writing done this summer: new play drafted, a nice amount of poems, and some kid books drafted and redrafted. “Always a little further, pilgrim.”