Death & Interior Decoration

3 W, 4 M, Comedy, 90 min.

A Tour of Homes goes off the rails when two of the homes are owned by two women from the opposite sides of the tracks.

Development History:

Reading – 2013, Cardinal Players, Roanoke, Virginia

Reading – Centennial Black Box, Nashville, Tenn.

Staged Reading – 2013 Ethel Woolson Lab, Atlanta, Ga

Awards: Ethel Woolson Lab winner, 2013 AACT NewPlayFest Top 20 Finalist

Kidnapping Afghanistan

5 W, Dark Comedy, 90 min.

An American journalist doesn’t just get a story when she travels to rural Afghanistan on the eve of the US Military pull-out. She becomes part of the story and must decide how it ends.

Reading, 2013 Onion Man Productions,

Awards:  2013 Semi-finalist, Eugene O’Neill Playwriting conference.


Izzie & Albert Read a Book Together – 2015, Eager Risk Theatre, New York City, New York

Dating at the Speed of Life and Death – 2014, Laugh/Riot Performing Arts Theatre, Eerie, Pennsylvania

– 2014, Short+Sweet Festival, Sydney Australia

Traveling Hearts – 2014,  Heart Throbs II,  Out of Box Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

In the Garden with Giants – 2014, Talk Story Theatre, New London,  Connecticut

Stealing Christmas – 2013, Charles Stewart Playhouse, Woodland Hills, California

Carpool Mandala – 2013, Six Women Writing Festival, Colorado Springs, Colorado

What Grows Back – 2013, Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Great Expectations in the Office of Nostalgia – 2013, Onion Man Productions, Atlanta, Georgia

– 2013, Short+Sweet Festival, Sydney, Australia

The Jennifer Bourne Identity – 2012, Estrogenius Festival, New York City, New York

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