Salamander, DMQ Review


Rise Up Review, Migo, SWWIM, Minerva Rising, Rat’s Ass Review, Gyroscope, The Halycone, Duck Lake Journal, Blue Fifth Review, Hobble Creek Review, Sky Island Journal, Ki’in, Snapdragon Journal, TRIVIA, Postcard Poems, Popcorn Farm, Mom EGG Review, Yellow Chair Review, The Cortland Review, PANK, Gertrude, Vinyl Poetry, Gingko Tree Review, Stone Highway Review, Bumble Jacket Miscellany.


The Maid’s Car, published from Kelsay Press


Southern Poetry, Vol. 5;  Autumn Magic; The Reach of Song; Recession, Depression and Economic Reflection, Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me: Women Over Forty Write on Aging, Moving Images: Poetry Inspired by Film

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