The Longer Days Begin

May. For my children, the school year is beginning to end. The sky brightens earlier now, stays bright well-past dinner.

Longer days are here. And for my writing too.

I’m finishing one workshop, and am already signed up for the next. My work needs to go longer too. My work needs to start early and stay up. Reach. Don’t go down til every flower has felt it

Here we go.

There Should Be an App…

…to alert poets when submissions open.

I tweeted this the other day. I was looking at a journal and noticed when their submission opened. Also, that they would only take 800 submissions. Just reading, I felt that rush of Oh my God I have to remember when to submit and do it before 800 other writers do. If only there was an app to help me remember.

Many poets responded with variations of “Please make this happen.”

But one said, “Magazines would be destroyed.” That could happen. If more poets could submit, magazines might be even more overwhelmed by submissions than they already are. So maybe these openings and closings are part of the gatekeeping, part of the balance of keeping editors from being totally overwhelmed.

So what’s the balance? Make subs easier? Keep the hurdles high? My answer tonight: keep writing.

Ups and Downs and the Dawn Wall

Rejection is a part of a writer’s life. They never feel good, though. Sometimes they really hurt.

And if you put your work out enough, you will get rejections regularly, so often that you will get them while on vacation.

On a recent trip to Yosemite, I got three rejections. But I didn’t care. Look at that. How could I? I had no breath left for crying. Nature remains the best editor.